The Removalists Brisbane Guide

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The Removalists Brisbane Guide

Everyone can relate to the stress related to moving. We have all had to move house one time or another. Doing it all yourself can be a huge undertaking. Sure, you might save some money but is it really worth it? In this removalists Brisbane guide we will cover topics on moving in the Brisbane area. It will include valuable information on services and why you should hire a furniture removal company. Find good removalists is the key to minimising the impact your move has on your well being. Furniture movers play a key role in facilitating a hassle free moving experience.

The Role of Removalists

A furniture removalist is a person or company that assists in moving household or office furniture from one place to other. They take responsibility of the safety of your items and are also committed to timely delivery so that you can rest easy knowing all your contents will arrive on time.

The key roles of removalists also includes lifting heavy items and driving heavy vehicles capable of transporting larger loads. Along with lifting, transport and delivery they can also pack and unpack your furniture. This alone can save time and ensures that every items is unpacked safely.

Common Services

  • Professional pre-packing of furniture
  • Loading boxes and cartons
  • Unloading and unpacking boxes at your destination
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Backloading services

Advantages Of Hiring Removalists

While many people initially believe that they can save money by moving their furniture instead of hiring a professional, they often learn the hard way. Hiring professionals has many advantages.

  1. Removalists are trained in packing and un-packing and assembly.
  2. They are fit, strong and healthy.
  3. They are trained to lift heavy items safely.
  4. They hold special licenses to drive large trucks and heavy vehicles.
  5. They are insured.

Trained removalists are experienced in the entire moving process including loading and unloading safely. Trying to lift heavy items by yourself can lead to mishaps and injuries. Movers understand these dangers and work in teams of two or more men. They often use safety harnesses for their lower back and follow strict health and safety guidelines. A trained removalist can pack and load without injuring themselves or damaging your property.

Moving furniture by yourself can lead to damages. Remember there is no one to cover the bill if this happens. Most good removal companies are insured giving you the peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong, you can get the item replaced or repaired for no extra cost.

Local Removalists

Local Removalists

If you are moving within the city of Brisbane you will normally hire local removalists. Local movers specialise in moving within their local city. A local furniture removals company uses locals with a good understanding of the local roads and tollways. They can find the quickest routes to help you get moved as quick as possible. The packaging used for packing your belongings is designed to keep the contents safe for short distances. Most importantly, they are trained to drive from one Brisbane suburb to another in the shortest time possible.

Depending on how much furniture you need to move their trucks and vans are often smaller. Since they operate within the city, they can make more than one trip to complete the move. These teams generally work in shifts of 8 hours each day. If you are looking to move your home, then local movers are the ones you should contact. Along with packing, they can also disassemble any furniture that has been assembled, such as bed, tables, chairs etc. So whether you need to move from the Southside to the Northside, East or West, hire a local to help you.

Office Removalists

Moving office is different from moving house. There are lot’s of chairs, desks, files and other assorted items. Although the items are different the skills required for an office removal company is pretty much the same. There are removal companies who specialise in only moving offices both locally and interstate. The packing material used is generally much more secure to support files and electrical equipment. They also have special equipment that is required to lift and load or unload office equipment.

A key aspect of transferring office equipment is the impact it has on the operations of the company. Office removalists specialise in planning the move in a manner that will ensure minimal impact to the business operations. Another key factor of office moving is the safety of the property being handled. Since there are many electronic goods that are used in office, especially computers, it is essential to ensure they are transferred without damage.

While some offices are small and easier to move, there are others that are much bigger and require more men and more trucks. Moving offices (or companies) such as libraries and laboratories can be very complex. In this case the team needs to be highly experienced and pay careful attention to to planning to facilitate these movements.

Interstate Removalists

Moving interstate is an esciting time. But you nee to plan and prepare your move carefully. Interstate removalists can prepare your entire move, including packing and unpacking and additional interstate relocation services. An interstate move requires larger trucks, normally capable pof carrying 8 tonne loads or more. Experienced interstate drivers can drive longer hours. They usually work around the clock and sometimes rotate drivers to ensure your belongings arrive on time.

They  also provide short term furniture storage which can last from a few days to a couple of weeks. If you are going to reach your destination after your furnitujre has arrived you may need to book a storage shed until you are ready to unpack. Most removal companies have relationships with the major storage companies and can offer great deals.

Many companies offer a weekly service with fixed delivery days for each city. This lets them plan their loads and provide efficiency in costs to their customers. Most also have backloading services that can save money for the customers.

What is backloading?

Backloading is an inexpensive moving option offered to customers. When a truck is used to carry furniture from one place to the other, it generally returns back empty after delivering the goods at destination. To increase their profit and maximize downtime, companies offer to carry a load back to the starting point. This is referred to as backloading.

While deciding whether backloading is the right option or not, there are a few points to keep in mind.

  • You might be required to share the truck space with other customers.
  • Finding a truck that has the available space is not always easy. In many cases it pays to contact quite a few removal companies to find out more about their schedule.
  • Since a backloading caters for multiple customers, your delivery dates may be longer than normal.


Furniture Packing and Un-Packing

In our modern lifestyles, we accumulate allot of furniture to make life more comfortable. Unfortunately when we need to move, it means more packing and un-packing. To simplify the packing process and ensure that everything gets packed efficiently, most removalists offer a pre-packing service for their customers. Pre-packing is a great way to minimise the preparation stage of your move. Pre-packers will pack all your belongings into labelled boxes for easy identification.

If you choose to get a moving company to pre-pack your furniture, always allow a day or two in advance to ensure everything is accounted for. Items that can be pre-packed include beds, tables, chairs, extra cabinets and items from the kitchen.

If you have a big household, it is essential that you plan your move well in advance to avoid any last minute hassles. As your removalist about packing services and take advantage of the time saved as opposed do doing it yourself.

Packing Materials

There are some inexpensive packaging materials that are provided complimentary. The expensive ones are made available at a near to cost price. Using high quality packaging material is essential for the safety reasons. Using inferior, weak boxes and containers can lead to breakages and possible damage. Common packing materials include:

  • Cartons
  • Plastic boxes
  • Layers of foam or other cushioning material
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tapes
  • Wrapping papers
  • Foam peanuts
  • Labels, stickers and Markers

Cartons and plastic boxes are available in different sizes to ensure that each item is placed in a box that fits its size. Foam peanuts are used to fill small gaps in cartons to avoid shaking fragile items. Labels and stickers help identify the boxes that have fragile pieces such as framed mirrors etc. They are also used to mark the boxes that need to be unpacked on priority upon reaching the destination. These include boxes containing basic kitchenware, dishes etc.

Despite all steps taken to ensure the safety of the furniture being transported, it is still necessary to insure your contents using the removal insurance. It is a sensible option that ensures complete peace of mind.

Removals Insurance

Removalists Insurance

Removal insurance is a cover against any loss or damage to your home contents when they are being relocated. Insurance plans are available from independent insurance bodies such as Zurich and CGU. Removal insurance requires the owner of the home contents to declare the value of the goods being transported and pay a premium to be eligible for claiming the cover if any damage occurs to the goods during the transportation.

There are multiple kinds of insurance available every customer. The best ones are the ones that provide a full cover to all belongings that are being transported. There are also modified versions that provide a cover only under specific conditions. These partial cover insurance is available at a lower premium and can be considered when you are very confident of the reliability of the removalist. Insurance can also be extended for the time period when the furniture is kept in the storage while moving between houses.

Furniture Removal Costs

Furniture Removals Costs

Factors such as the amount of furniture you have and the distance you are moving comes into play. The area you live in, the distance that needs to be covered, the number of items to be moved and the weight play a crucial role in determining the cost of transportation. Due to these factors you’ll find most suppliers charge based on hourly rates. Excluding the costs of the packaging materials used and insurance, hourly charges range from anywhere from $75 to $130 per hour. This is also dependent on how many men are provided.

Costs for a one bedroom apartment (moving locally) are around $450 while 3 bedroom house can cost in excess of 800. If you need interstate movers it is best to contact them directly to receive an accurate quote.

Popular Brisbane Suburbs:

  • Brisbane City CBD – The heart of Brisbane.
  • Brisbane Northside
  • Brisbane Southside
  • Brisbane Western suburbs
  • Brisbane Eastern Suburbs
  • The Gold Coast
  • The Sunshine Coast

We hope that you found this Removalists Brisbane Guide useful and can use as a reference whenever you need information on moving your home or office.

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